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USQ has a player travel guide that has a lot of helpful tips for teams on getting to USQ events. You can read it here.

For USQ Cup 13 – Meeting Codes for Flights

We are setting up meeting codes with American, Delta, and United for flights into CRW (Yeager Airport). Information on how to use the meeting codes will be added here as the codes are finalized with each airline.

Information on what flights go into CRW are available here.


Attendees can get 6% off American Airlines fares (excluding basic economy and non-discountable fares). The authorization number is A6340EE. To use this as a promo code when booking online, use 6340EE. Please note that you cannot enter the promo code when you search for flights. You apply it at the end, ender Promo Codes and Accounts. 

If you would like to book flights for 10 or more people at once, please call AA Group & Meeting Travel. You might be able to get a larger discount that way.


First Letter of Fare Basis Applicable Discount
F / J / C / D / Y / P / I 10%
B / M / H / Q / K / L 5%
TU / T / V / X 2%

To book, use the meeting code NMTZQ. You can book online at this link. The code is valid for fares going in and out of CRW from April 8-28, 2020.

Fares are valid via Delta, Delta Connection and applicable DL* codeshare flights.

If your team is interested in group fares for 10 or more people and/or chartering a plane (we could help facilitate this if enough people are interested), please email us, You can also call the Delta Meeting Network desk at 1-800-328-2216 or email them at for a group fare quote using our discount code, which again is NMTZQ.


First Letter of Fare Basis Applicable Discount
J, C, D, Z, P, O, Y 10%
A, B, M, E, U, H, Q, V, W, S 5%
T, L, K, G  2%

Please note that discounts are not available on basic economy fares (this is the policy of United – not a USQ decision). 

Visit and enter ZHR6586830 in the Offer Code box to receive the discount.

You may also call United Meeting Reservation Desk at (800) 426 – 1122

  • Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time
  • Saturday – Sunday 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time

Booking fees are waived for Meeting reservations.