Boise State Abraxans defeated Rain City Raptors 140*-80 to take home the Northwest Regional Championship in Salem, Oregon.

Nine teams participated in the regional championship, and the final standings are listed below. Teams in bold are US Quidditch Cup 9 qualifiers and will be among the 60 teams nationally that have received a spot at Columbia, SC in April 16 and 17, 2016.

In the interest of providing further clarification, teams who elected not to play in matches on Sunday will not receive forfeits for the matches they elected not to play. This is in keeping with the post from Saturday, and in light of the extenuating circumstances posed by the field conditions.

After matches concluded on Saturday, the three teams that qualified for US Quidditch Cup 9 bids are, in order: Boise State Abraxans, Rain City Raptors, and University of British Columbia. The Boise State Thestrals are the first alternate to receive a USQC bid as they were the fourth and final team to compete in the revised championship round robin.

The full list of finishers at Northwest Regional Championship (NWRC) is as follows:

1. Boise State Abraxans
2. Rain City Raptors
3. University of British Columbia
4. Boise State Thestrals
5. Western Washington Wyverns
6. British Columbia Quidditch Club
Tie-7. Moscow Manticores at the University of Idaho
Tie-7. Portland Augureys
9. Big Sky Flyers Quidditch

Also, in light of concerns that we have received from teams, USQ would like to emphasize that the unique situation presented by the field quality at NWRC differed from other weather-related tournament schedule changes, such as the break in gameplay at the Midwest Regional Championship (MWRC) to accommodate blizzard conditions on site. USQ has heard from players who expressed concern that teams were encouraged to play in the snow at MWRC, while teams at NWRC were permitted to restructure the tournament to accommodate the mud.

These events differed in two important respects: (1) the teams at NWRC suggested to tournament staff that they be given the option to voluntarily remove themselves from competition for USQC bids to allow the allotment of nationals bids to take place with the least effects due to field conditions, which is what allowed the significant restructuring of the event; and (2) the field quality at NWRC decreased over time as more games were played, necessitating moving up the most competitive games of the tournament, while the field quality at MWRC increased once the worst of the blizzard had passed. USQ acknowledges that quidditch is an outdoor sport and teams at NWRC faced muddy field conditions just as teams at MWRC faced snowy field conditions; none of these conditions were unsafe except for the blizzard conditions at MWRC, during which play was stopped. Competition for USQC bids at NWRC was shifted up to accommodate the decreasing field quality; while competition for bids at MWRC remained on the original timeline after the stoppage in play because it was not necessary to reschedule otherwise.

The full score sheet from the tournament can be found here.

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“Thank you to the competing teams, referees, snitches, and volunteers for their patience and hard work this past weekend. Despite the field conditions, we had a great weekend of quidditch. Thank you also to our city and facility partners. They were very supportive on site and getting the word out to the community, resulting in great spectator turnout both days,” said Mary Kimball, Events Manager for USQ and Tournament Director for NWRC.

US Quidditch wishes to congratulate Boise State Abraxans and all qualifying and competing teams who raised funds, traveled to the event, and played tough and exciting games. USQ is especially grateful to its staff, volunteers, referees, and snitches who helped plan and put on the event — their contributions and hard work help to make the event possible. Special thanks to Travel Salem and the Capital Futbol Complex for their support of USQ and the Northwest Regional Championship.