#MyQuidCupJourney gives a firsthand account of what it takes to compete at the highest level. Part of our national championship since World Cup VII in 2014, it showcases the best in the sport. Featured here is Lee Hodge, third-year chaser for University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Quidditch, along with Erin Mallory, chaser for District of Columbia Quidditch Club, head referee, and formerly with Maryland Quidditch.

The accompanying quote, “What you call pressure, I call pure adrenaline” speaks to an athlete’s constant chase of a challenge. Hodge himself admits he loves high-pressure matches, which he prepares for through film analysis and going to the gym five times a week. Mallory echos Hodge’s dedication and drive. A superstitious player, she listens to the same pump-up playlist and does the same warm-up before important matches.

Both Hodge and Mallory will put their training to the test in April.For many others, too, US Quidditch Cup will be the final exam assessing their athletic prowess and preparation.

Photo by Sofia de la Vega.