Athletes competing at US Quidditch Cup 9 will play on custom made Everlour brooms from Peterson’s Broomsticks. Used at eight regional championship events this year, the brooms are yellow with black grip and have the commemorative “Quidditch Turns Ten” logo on the end.

The other gameplay equipment is as follows:

Brooms: Peterson’s Everlour
Note: Teams may NOT elect to provide their own brooms – all players must use the USQ provided Peterson’s Everlour brooms for all games at the event.
Quaffles: Baden Matchpoint Size 5 Volleyballs
Bludgers: Regulation 8.5 inch Dodgeballs
Hoops: Peterson’s
Snitch Shorts: Peterson’s

Want to own one of the these brooms? US Quidditch is selling our stock of clean, used brooms onsite at US Quidditch Cup 9. Our game-used brooms are $15 each and are available for pick-up only on Sunday, April 17 after 2:00pm at the USQ merchandise tent. Please note that not all brooms will be available at that time, as games will still be going on. USQ will have clear pick-up instructions posted online and at the merchandise tent. Limited quantity available! Pre-orders close Thursday, April 14 at 5:00pm EST or until we sell out, whichever comes first. If online pre-orders don’t sell out, attendees may stop by the USQ merchandise tent on Saturday, April 16 to place a pre-order in person.

Broom pre-orders have closed. A limited number of used USQ brooms will be available to purchase at the USQ merch tent.

Those wishing to purchase a brand new USQ broom may do so through Peterson’s Broomstick here.

For full information on how to purchase a broom, click here.

Photo by Kevin Peterson.