Snapchat is covering US Quidditch Cup 9 with a Live Story on April 16 and 17, 2016.

Live Stories allow Snapchatters at the same event or location to contribute their unique perspectives through video and photo Snaps to one collective Story, capturing the real story, straight from the fans and people at the event. A team at Snapchat curates the thousands of submitted Snaps and packages them into a brief video that can be broadcast globally to millions of users right on their phone.

If you’re at the event, it’s easy to submit your Snaps to the Live Story – simply take a photo or video Snap, tap send and choose to submit to the US Quidditch Cup 9 Live Story. After you take your Snap, swipe left to find cool geofilters. If your Snap is selected by the team at Snapchat, it will be included in the Live Story and available for all Snapchatters to see globally for 24 hours.

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