Get an insider’s look into the history of teams qualifying for US Quidditch Cup 10 and learn about rivalries old and new in our new editorial series.

Written By: Michael Pascutoi
Photo by: Jessica Jiamin Lang Photography

With US Quidditch Cup 10 less than a hundred days away, USQ is proud to announce the first part of the media build-up to our tenth national championship. Beginning next week, we will be posting two separate article series outlining both the history of quidditch and why, eleven years into our history, the game has never been more exciting.

“History Of…” Series

USQ’s first article series will highlight the individual histories of all teams who qualified for US Quidditch Cup 10. The main goal of this anthology is for both players and spectators to know that every team has its own unique history. Writers will delineate major moments that defined each team, covering the organization both on-pitch and their overall team culture off-pitch.

However, USQ understands that the best author for each team’s story are likely to come from within. Therefore, teams will be given the option of writing their own histories for the season.

USQ volunteers will work closely with the writers chosen by each team in editing articles and providing ideas for content if needed. For those already qualified, USQ’s editors will be reaching out to teams over the next couple of weeks to begin the article writing process. An example article will be available for teams to use as a resource upon request.

Inside the Rivalries

Our second series, “Inside the Rivalries,” will provide an in-depth look into the rivalries that have shaped quidditch over its competitive history. While the historic nature of a Boston University vs. Emerson College or Texas-Texas A&M matchup is easy to grasp for most veteran players, these rivalries have in many cases faded or been obscured by newer rivalries continuing to take shape. USQ’s staff writers and editors will identify these rivalries, the players and games that shaped them, and how they have contributed to the evolution of quidditch both competitively and culturally.

Articles from each series will be available over the coming months here. Select articles will also be posted on the US Quidditch website.  A souvenir booklet containing excerpts and photos of both series will be available to purchase at US Quidditch Cup 10. Content will also be incorporated into the U.S. section of the quidditch history exhibit onsite at the event.

If you have any questions about the article series, please contact

Michael Pascutoi is the Editorial Coordinator for USQ.  Formerly a member of The Warriors, Michael enjoys long walks on the beach, competitive baking, and launching corks from a champagne bottle at random strangers.