Photo by: Will Michels

Written by: Michael Pascutoi

USQ is proud to announce it is finalizing preparations for the development of a documentary to be filmed at US Quidditch Cup 10. Entitled Why We Play, the documentary will focus on the unique nature of quidditch, the sport’s development over time, and the devotion of its player-base.  

About Why We Play

Why We Play is a full-length documentary produced by USQ that will follow both pre-determined and developing storylines from throughout the weekend of US Quidditch Cup 10. USQ will be assisted by the MU Film Crew, based out of the University of Missouri, as well as several volunteers from the quidditch community. Taking inspiration from a variety of sports documentaries of the last 25 years, the production team will use interviews of players, volunteers, and spectators at the tournament along with other footage to craft the final product. Filming will begin the Thursday before US Quidditch Cup 10 and continue through the tournament, ending with a final round of interviews on Sunday night long after the final snitch has been pulled.

A Documentary Made By the Community

I wish I could say it was possible for a single individual to understand the diverse nature of our sport, the evolution of quidditch, and the nuances of our community, but as with every other sport, that is far from reality. USQ is openly inviting members of the community to share their stories regarding quidditch. Interview stations will be available on April 8 and 9 for players to have the option of being interviewed regarding their quidditch experiences.  

Likewise, any individuals who wish to volunteer to assist with the documentary are invited to submit a form below, as we are looking for individuals with experience in journalism and film to join the production team. Please fill out the link here if you are interested in taking part, and we will follow up by the following day with additional details.

Michael Pascutoi is the increasingly sleep deprived editorial coordinator for US Quidditch.  Please send all inquiries to or via carrier pigeon.