Photo by: Janelle Hutchinson

The gameplay format, pools, and bracket structure for US Quidditch Cup 10 are announced below.

Pools for USQC10

The pools for the US Quidditch Cup 10 are as follows:

Pool 1:

Texas Quidditch
Ball State Cardinals
University of California Los Angeles
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Quidditch
RIT Dark Marks

Pool 2:

Bowling Green State University
BosNYan Bearsharks
Cal Quidditch
Virginia Quidditch Club

Pool 3:

Florida’s Finest
Texas A&M Quidditch
Ohio State Quidditch
Appalachian Apparators Quidditch
Anteater Quidditch

Pool 4:

The Lost Boys
Gulf Coast Gumbeaux
District of Columbia Quidditch Club
New York Quidditch Club

Pool 5:

Los Angeles Gambits
Penn State University Nittany Lions
Boston University Quidditch
Central Michigan Quidditch Club
SHSU Quidditch

Pool 6:

Rochester United
Lake Erie Elite
Oklahoma State University
The Long Beach Funky Quaffles
Marquette University Quidditch

Pool 7:

Mizzou Quidditch
Boise State Abraxans
Crimson Elite
The Southern Storm
The Silver Phoenix

Pool 8:

Arizona State University
Lone Star Quidditch Club
University of Miami
Macaulay Honors College Marauders
Richmond Ravens

Pool 9:

Texas State University – San Marcos
Rutgers University Quidditch
Utah State Quidditch Club
University of Rochester Thestrals
Miami University (OH) Quidditch

Pool 10:

Maryland Quidditch
RPI Quidditch
Minnesota Quidditch
Silicon Valley Skrewts
Baylor University

Pool 11:

Texas Cavalry
The Warriors
Michigan Quidditch Team
Tufts University Tufflepuffs
Illinois State Firebirds

Pool 12:

QC Boston
Kansas Quidditch
Carolina Heat Quidditch Club
University of Texas at San Antonio
Indiana University Quidditch Club

The pools can also be seen on the USQC10 website here.

The original ranked list was divided into twelve pots by seed, and each pool had one team randomly drawn from each pot. Additionally, the pools were drawn to ensure that no pool had two teams from within the same region. The rankings were based on the USQ standings, per the rankings algorithm described here.  

Gameplay Schedule for USQC10

The full gameplay schedule for Saturday’s pool play can be found here.

Bracket for USQC10

On Sunday, the top three teams in each pool make the single-elimination 36-team bracket.

As it was last season, teams will be seeded into the bracket with consideration to their placement in pool play. The teams who finish first in their pool will be compared against each other according to our tiebreakers (as listed below) for the top 12 spots in the bracket. The teams who place second in their pools will be compared against each other for spots 13-24, and the teams who place third in their pools will be compared against each other for spots 25-36.

Gameplay Management for USQC10

Gameplay for US Quidditch Cup 10 will be primarily managed by Sarah Woolsey, Executive Director of US Quidditch. Woolsey started volunteering with the league as a gameplay coordinator in 2011, and currently manages the league’s year-round gameplay team. She will be assisted onsite by several volunteers, including David Pastula, who co-managed gameplay at World Cup 8. Onsite management of gameplay policies will be in accordance with plans discussed and developed in partnership with the year-round gameplay team.

To ensure gameplay integrity throughout the event, a number of systems will be implemented. Automated spreadsheets, developed by gameplay volunteers and used at previous nationals championships, will be used to calculate tiebreakers, and statistics will be double checked for accuracy as well. Multiple staff members will review each scorecard and ensure that score entry is accurate to avoid any errors.

For questions about US Quidditch Cup 10, please contact