Photo by Nikki Smith

Written by Elizabeth Barcelos

Ball State scored a 170*-130 victory against UCLA in one of the first games of the weekend. Ball State had an early leg up, leading 70-10 in the first ten minutes of the game. It played a mostly offensive game against UCLA at first, but UCLA made a mini comeback. By the time the snitch was released, UCLA’s keeper, Grant “Grand Slam” Rose, scored several times, bringing it up to 70-40.

The game tightened toward the end, with the teams almost tied at 130-120. Ball State found itself down two players when it received yellow cards for sliding into another player and tackling off the hard boundary. After two false catches Ball State took the lead 140-130 before its final clean catch, ending its first game with victory.

Despite the loss, UCLA played a strong game and kept even with Ball State.

“We showed we had faith in one another; we are here to play with the top teams and show that our record last year does not define who we are,said UCLA captain Javier Cervantes.