Florida’s Finest beat Ohio State Quidditch 120*-90 in a very tight match between the pot one and three teams in their pool. Ohio State got on the board early with a goal from Jeremy Boettner, but the ball was quickly recovered and run down the pitch by Florida Finest’s keeper. Finest managed to get up 20, but Ohio State quickly returned fire to bring the game back to 40 all.

After some back and forth play, Florida’s Finest found itself on the receiving end of a couple of almost consecutive fouls to the same individual, resulting in a red card that gave Ohio State a two minute opening to run the score up 30 pointsthe highest differential of the game.

Once the two minute penalty was up, Florida’s Finest lit fire and scored four unanswered goals to bring them back up 10 on Ohio State. Ohio State quickly responded to tie the game at 90 all. An untimely yellow card for an Ohio State beater at 19:21 gave Florida’s Finest ample time with the snitch and allowed Eric Pagoada to make the catch at 20:52 to win the game 120*-90.