Photo by Nikki Smith

Written By Matthew Pello

The second game of the day featured a matchup between Kansas Quidditch from the Midwest region and Carolina Heat from the South region. The game was highlighted by strong defensive plays and quality bludger play by both teams.

Kansas controlled the pace and the tempo from whistle to whistle. Stellar beating by Kansas freshman Jake Simon lead to early goals that put Kansas up in the opening moments. Kansas had a stellar performance with the team not letting go of their lead.

Down the stretch, Carolina was plagued with cards, particularly on its beaters which consistently resulted in bludger turnovers and made it hard for the Heat to gain and maintain control long enough to be able to run its offense and get into any sort of a groove. At one point Carolina had two players in the box resulting in two easy buckets for Kansas’s strong offense.

When Carolina played at full strength there were several times it held Kansas without goals for extended runs. Snitchonpitch is where Kansas ran up the score. Carolina beaters had to run between quaffle play and beating Kansas’s seeker and the team play of Kansas was just too much for the Heat.

The final score was 140*-30 to Kansas.