Written by Matt Pello

Pool 12’s matchup between No. 1 Quidditch Club Boston (QCB) representing the Northeast region and Kansas representing the Midwest region may be the game of the day.

QCB and Kansas went tackle for tackle, beat for beat, and goal for goal for over half the game. Every aspect of the game on both sides of the pitch was close to flawless. Great play after great play by Kansas star keeper Adam Heald kept the team within snitch range all game. Every time Kansas began to pull an offensive together QCB struck back. The efficiency and fluid play of QCB’s chaser core lead to several easy goals right at Kansas’s hoops.

The difference in the game ended up being size and experience. QCB has more of both. Stew Driflot made the crucial snitch catch to put down the Jayhawks with a final score of 140*-110.