Written by Mike Pascutoi

In a low scoring game of defensive prowess, The Warriors pulled a snitch catch win against Michigan Quidditch Team.

The game remained scoreless with both bludger control and shots on hoop exchanged between teams. Nothing hit the target until Zach Fogel put one through for Michigan at four and a half minutes of game time. Michigan scored once more before The Warriors could get on the board, but at seven and a half minutes of game time, the score remained only 30-10 in favor of Michigan. Michigan made another goal before The Warriors scored back-to-back bringing it to 40-30 Michigan.

Tackling was on point as defensive stop after stop took place on both sides. The game remained scoreless for another few minutes before The Warriors were able to put one away at 13:30 to tie the game at 40 all.  

Scores were deadlocked as seekers entered the pitch, until The Warriors received a card for delay of game and gave Michigan the opportunity to get one more goal and bring its total to 50. Despite the run, The Warriors caught the snitch shortly after to give the team the win 70*-50.