Written by Amanda Zakoske

The Southern Storm lost to Boise State 170*-70. While the point differential was maxed out at 100 for Boise, Southern Storm was able to trade punches toward the middle of the game.

Boise jumped out to an early 40-0 lead before The Southern Storm was able to put its first points on the board. While the chasing game was mostly dominated by Boise, the bludger control often shifted back and forth between the two teams. Even though The Southern Storm was able to hold bludgers it didn’t stop Boise’s chasers (McCraken in particular) from scoring on fast breaks after practically every Southern Storm goal.

The Abraxans were lucky that The Southern Storm was unable to take advantage of the four yellow cards and one blue card that Boise received. Boise’s solid chaser defense was able keep Southern Storm from scoring even with its players in the penalty box. Conversely, Southern Storm only had two yellow cards but Boise was able to capitalize on the penalties in both situations.