Written by Matthew Pello

The matchup between Kansas Quidditch from the Midwest region and University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) from the Southwest region was highlighted by strong beater play by both teams and a standout game by Kansas freshman beater Adam McMorris who made several bludger catches to help Kansas regain bludger control and keep the game on their terms.

The game started out with both teams trading goals on fast breaks before either could solidify bludger control. Kansas settled into a routine and made UTSA uncomfortable with a slow pace and tempo which gave Kansas the upper hand. “Slowball” quidditch requires discipline, technique, and accuracy on a level that UTSA couldn’t quite match. UTSA has a strong and fast point offense, but without it, the team loses a major part of its quaffle game.

Kansas maintained quaffle control for a majority of the game, making it next to impossible for UTSA to score. UTSA hung around for as long as it could, keeping the game close, but could not make it into snitch range. UTSA’s seekers excelled at keeping Kansas from the snitch after freshman seeker Brian Weary had an early catch that was called no good. It took multiple handicaps before he was able to secure the winning catch lifting Kansas to victory *160-80.