Written by Nate Western

With its swift victory over Cal, 160*-10, Quidditch Club Boston (QCB) started what looks to be a deep bracket run on Day 2. As is common in matches with large talent gaps, QCB controlled the direction of play from brooms up to catch. The first seven goals were traded between Jayke Archibald, Harry Greenhouse, and Stew Driflot charging straight to hoops under the protection of Max Havlin and Lulu Xu’s beating. With the subbing of later lines Cal was more confident, but to no avail. With the exception of a single goal and a couple of solid defensive plays, Cal spent the match on its heels (but were great sports about it).  

The takeaway on this match is this: QCB’s titanic front line will create an uphill battle for every team at this tournament. That being said, behind some of the greatest players to ever pick up a broom lies a softer, less experienced second line that will have trouble holding up against even a second line from Lone Star Quidditch Club, Texas Cavalry, or even The Lost Boys.