Written by Elizabeth Barcelos

This Sweet 16 matchup featured The Lost Boys, once again the last standard bearer of the west, against the defending champions: Quidditch Club Boston.

The Lost Boys have always lived and died by their beating, featuring long time beating talents such as Amanda Nagy, Chris Seto, and Michael Mohlman. However, Emerson alumnus Ryan Smythe may have had the game of his life, stepping up against a familiar Boston foe.

On the other hand, plenty of ink has been spilled about QCB’s Team USA players: Harry Greenhouse, Jayke Archibald, Stew Driflot, and Max Havlin.

But this game wasn’t just a showcase of the big stars. Isabella Leon has blossomed with QCB after showing promise during her years on Cal Quidditch and the California Dobbys in Northern California. The Lost Boys Kelsey Allen really came into her own as a beater after transitioning from chasing for the Fighting Farmers and Santa Barbara Blacktips.

The game never left snitch range, though QCB did manage to push the score to 60-30 once the snitch was released. The Lost Boys’ beating needed to be everything that they’re known for and more. However, QCB retained bludger control, giving Driflot more chances at the snitch than Justin Fernandez of The Lost Boys.

After some very physical seeking—including a tumble that saw Driflot and the snitch roll over each other in the dirt, QCB finally managed to catch the snitch off guard and make a quick catch, keeping the dream of becoming repeat champions alive while ending the journey of the last West team standing.