Photo by Nikki Smith

Written by Elizabeth Barcelos

Believe it or not, these teams have a bit of history. Okay, maybe only a little bit. Texas State beat Emerson to make it to the World Cup VII final three years ago in North Myrtle Beach. While there may have been a lot of turnover since then, this is something of a rematch for Texas State’s Tessa Lantsberger, Jackson Johnson, Steven Grawlinki, and Austin Springs LeFoy, and BosNYan’s Leeanne Dillmann, Tyler Trudeau, David Fox, Jake Hines, and CJ Junior.

BosNY lost key player David Foxx to an injury early on in the game and Tyler Trudeau to a second yellow card several minutes into snitch on pitch play. Between the loss of these key players and Texas State’s control of the game’s tempo from snitch on pitch onward, this match ended much like it’s World Cup 7 counterpart.

However, that’s not to say that the Bearsharks took this loss lying down. The BosNYan beater core, especially the pairing of Leeanne Dillmann and Stanford Zhou or their double male set, had flashes of dominance on-pitch against their Texas State counterparts. Their chasers also showed the ability to match Texas State physically, a noticeable difference from the Emerson loss three years prior.

Photo by Nikki Smith

Christian Rodriguez of Texas State ultimately pushed the game out of snitch range with four consecutive goals or assists. His targets varied from a cherry picker by the right hoop, a player behind the hoops ready to dunk, or the hoops themselves.

The score was 110-40 in favor of Texas State when Anthony Hawkins tookthe pitch and 120-40 when the seekers joined him a minute later. Bobcats, but not the Bearsharks, were smelling the blood in the water.

Texas State’s beating kept BosNYan seekers from having a chance at the snitch, but Hawkins was throwing both snitches into the ground regardless of the score. Texas State played seeker by committee and gave Hawkins many looks while BosNYan kept sending in Rob Walsh, who was either too small to get around Hawkins or limited by suffocating beater pressure from Texas State.

Photo by Nikki Smith

A highlight of the match was the fancy footwork Texas State’s Craig Garrison and BosNYan’s Team USA chaser Julia Baer displayed when marking up one another. Yes, folks; a dance fight broke out in the US Quidditch Cup 10 final. Quidditch might be gravitating towards a more serious paradigm, but whimsyness isn’t quite gone from quidditch yet.

The Bearsharks, unfortunately, are done for the day. Community team rival Texas Cavalry will be joining them in the US Quidditch Cup 10 Finals. As with three years prior, we have a final with two top Texas teams and a defeated Boston squad which almost made the final game.