Photo by: Madison Vaughn

Volunteers and officials registration for US Quidditch Cup 11 is now live. 

Information about volunteer roles is available on the US Quidditch Cup website.

Those interested in volunteering should fill out the volunteer registration form here by 11:59pm ET on Sunday, April 1. All volunteers will receive an automated confirmation email within 24 hours of registration. US Quidditch Cup staff will send all volunteers an email with their assignment and additional information in April.

Volunteers who work three or more hours in one day will receive complimentary admission to the tournament on that day. Volunteers who work six or more hours in one day will receive complimentary lunch on that day. A free volunteer t-shirt will be provided to all public-facing volunteers, as well as to any volunteers who work three or more hours.

Questions about volunteering at US Quidditch Cup 11 should be directed to Questions about officiating should be directed to