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Gameplay Formats


As announced in August, the Collegiate Championship will be a Swiss-Style tournament. Teams will compete in four (4) flights of sixteen (16) teams, playing four (4) games each on Saturday.

In a Swiss-style tournament, teams of equal skill are paired against each other in each round. For example, after each team has played one game, each team with a 1-0 record will compete against another team with a 1-0 record, and each team with a 0-1 record will compete against another team with a 0-1 record. After each team has played two games, each 2-0 team will play another 2-0 team, each 1-1 team will play another 1-1 team, and each 0-2 team will play another 0-2 team, etc. Teams will only compete against other teams in the same flight.

The first match of the day will be determined in advance, based on USQ standings. Higher ranked teams will be initially matched against lower ranked teams within the same flight. Pairs of teams, by rank, will randomly draw an initial opponent out of the lower ranked corresponding pair. For example, the 1st ranked team within a flight will play either the 15th or 16th ranked team in their flight, and the 2nd ranked team within the flight will play the other. Teams seeded 3rd and 4th will draw from the 13th and 14th teams, etc.

On Sunday, teams will compete in a 44 team bracket. All teams that end Saturday 4-0, 3-1, or 2-2 will move on to bracket play. Teams that went 2-2 on Saturday will first compete in a play-in round before entering the 32-team single elimination bracket.

Due to the Swiss format, we are adjusting the tiebreakers that will be used onsite for the collegiate division. Teams with the same win record will first be compared based on Strength of Victory, followed by Strength of Schedule, then Record Before Snitch Catch, and the remainder of the normal tiebreakers from that point (Quaffle Points Against, Quaffle Points For, Snitch Catch Percentage, and coin flip).

Strength of Victory will be calculated by the average win percentage of the opponents that a team beat. Strength of Schedule will be calculated by the average win percentages of all opponents a team faces. When calculating the win percentage of your opponents, games against your team are removed from the calculation.

Explanations of the other tiebreakers can be found here.


Community teams will compete in pool play first, then moving into a bracket. Teams will be placed into four (4) pools of six (6) based on the USQ standings. The 24 teams will be put into a ranked list based on USQ standings, and then divided into six pots by seed. Each pool will have one team randomly drawn from each pot.

Teams will compete in 5 pool play games, with four (4) played on Saturday, and one (1) pool play game played on Sunday.

When the initial gameplay information for US Quidditch Cup 11 was announced in August, the format for the community division was 3 pools of 8 teams. Based on feedback from community teams after regional championships, we have adjusted that format to be 4 pools of 6 teams.

On Sunday, teams will be seeded into a 12-team single elimination bracket based on their performance in pool play. The top 3 teams from each pool will advance, with the winner of each pool receiving a bye to the quarterfinals.

The community division will use the standard USQ tiebreakers.

Live Flights & Pool Presentation

The season play requirements deadline is Sunday, April 1 at 11:59pm ET. At that time, the rankings will freeze and be used to determine team placement into flights and pools. Regional diversity will be preserved where possible.

On Tuesday, April 3, 2018 at 9:00pm ET, there will be a live presentation of the flights and pools for USQC11. This presentation will include the assignment of all teams to their flight or pool, as well as the first round match-ups for collegiate teams.

After the presentation, an article will be immediately shared on the USQ website with the flight and pool draws, and the specific schedule for the first round match-ups and the community pool play games. Collegiate teams will know what game slots they are playing in on Saturday, although they will only know the opponent for their first match in advance.

Watch live on YouTube here.

Additional Gameplay Information

The general gameplay schedule for the event is posted below.

Information for teams on when they will have more details about the schedule for their team referee crew will included in the announcement of the detailed gameplay schedule.

As announced after US Quidditch Cup 10, we have been reviewing our onsite disciplinary procedures, and made adjustments before regional championships this season. Additional information about onsite disciplinary processes for USQC11 will be shared with teams before the event.

If you are interested in signing up to referee, snitch, or volunteer at the event, please fill out this form by Sunday, April 1 at 11:59pm ET.

If you have questions on any of this information, please email the USQ Gameplay Department at

Gameplay Schedule

The final event and gameplay schedule will be released on Tuesday, April 3, after the live presentation is complete. The specific gameplay schedule will be based on the flight and pool draws.

When possible, staff will take into account community players who also coach a collegiate team, however it may not be possible to accommodate all of those individuals in the schedule. If you have questions or concerns about this, please email

General Gameplay Schedule


9:00am – Round 1: Flight A & Pool A

9:45am – Round 1: Flight B & Pool B

10:30am – Round 1: Flight C & Pool C

11:15am – Round 1: Flight D & Pool D

12:15pm – Round 2: Flight A & Pool A

1:00pm – Round 2: Flight B & Pool B

1:45pm – Round 2: Flight C & Pool C

2:30pm – Round 2: Flight D & Pool D

3:30pm – Round 3: Flight A & Pool A

4:15pm – Round 3: Flight B & Pool B

5:00pm – Round 3: Flight C & Pool C

5:45pm – Round 3: Flight D & Pool D

6:45pm – Round 4: Flight A & Pool A

7:30pm – Round 4: Flight B & Pool B

8:15pm – Round 4: Flight C & Pool C

9:00pm – Round 4: Flight D & Pool D


9:00 AM – Collegiate Bracket: Play in (21-44) (1)

9:45 AM – Collegiate Bracket: Play in (21-44) (2)

10:30 AM – Community: 5th pool play game (all pools)

11:30 AM – Collegiate Bracket: Round of 32 (1)

12:15 PM – Collegiate Bracket: Round of 32 (2)

1:00 PM – Community Bracket: Play in (5-12)

1:45 PM – Collegiate Bracket: Round of 16

2:30 PM – Community Bracket: Quarterfinals

3:15 PM – Collegiate Bracket: Quarterfinals

4:15 PM – Community Bracket: Semifinals

5:00 PM – Collegiate Bracket: Semifinals

6:15 PM – Community Bracket: Finals

7:00 PM – Collegiate Bracket: Finals