Photo by: Will Michels

Team registration is now open for US Quidditch Cup 12. The hotel request form will go live on Tuesday, December 4.

Full information on team registration is available here.


Per USQ’s stay and play policy, teams are required to stay a minimum of two nights for this event. The hotel reservation process is the same as last season.

The hotel request form will go live on Tuesday, December 4 at 5 pm ET. It will be emailed out to all teams at that time, posted on social media, and listed on the US Quidditch Cup website. All teams, even those who have not qualified yet for the tournament, may fill out the hotel request form when it goes live.

USQ staff will assign teams to hotels in the order that teams fill out the form, though availability is divided equally among teams that qualify through fall regional championships, spring regional championships, and at large (see below for more information). Please note that the deadline for this step in the registration process is before the primary team registration deadline.

For assigning hotels, team have been divided up into three groups: those who qualify through fall regional championships, those who qualify through spring regional championships, and those who qualify through at-large bids. There is an equal number of rooms available for each group at each price point. Hotels will be assigned to teams based on the order teams fill out the form and what is available in their group.

Once a team fills out the hotel request form, it will receive an email with instructions on how to book their hotel accommodations, but only if it has already qualified. Teams who haven’t qualified yet may be permitted to book their accommodations on a case by case basis. As mentioned above, teams must fill out the hotel request form before they reserve hotels. Request and reservation are separate steps in the registration process.


For questions about the registration process, email Information on tickets, volunteering, officiating, and more will be available after Thanksgiving.