UPDATE MARCH 4, 2019 As outlined in the bid allocation process description, USQ initially offered GMU’s bid to the Quidditch Club of Pittsburgh, who declined to accept. As second in line, Appalachian State Quidditch has accepted the deferred bid, and will thus be attending US Quidditch Cup 12.
George Mason University Quidditch has informed USQ staff that they will be unable to attend US Quidditch Cup 12. As outlined in the bid allocation process description last fall, USQ is currently in the process of offering GMU’s bid to the remaining teams in the region in the order of their finish at the regional championship. That order is: Quidditch Club of Pittsburgh Appalachian State Quidditch The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Quidditch Club Quidditch at NC State WVU Summit Drexel University Quidditch Club Salisbury University Quidditch Club Rutgers University Quidditch Wizengamot Quidditch At VCU Carnegie Mellon Quidditch Club Each team on this list will be offered the bid, in order starting with Quidditch Club of Pittsburgh, until one of these teams accepts the bid. If no teams in the Mid-Atlantic region accept the bid, it will be treated as an additional at large bid instead of being offered to another region. USQ will announce which team has accepted the bid once that has been finalized.