Update April 13, 2019

Due to thunderstorms in the morning, games will start at 3 pm CT. The updated schedule is available here.

Update April 12, 2019

In response to the weather forecast, USQ is making the following changes to the schedule on both Saturday and Sunday. The schedule has also been updated on the USQC event website as well as the gameplay format article and the team orientation packet.

Adjusted Start and End Times

On Saturday, the first round of games will start at 1 PM CT (all times in this article are CT). The last round of games will start at 9:45 PM. On Sunday, the first round of games will start at 8 AM. The last game, the collegiate championship match, will start at 8:30 PM. This means that the games originally scheduled for 9 AM will be held at 1 PM; the games originally scheduled for 9:45 AM will be held at 1:45 PM, and so on. A full schedule is available below.

Gameplay Schedule Adjustments

After consultation with staff and reviewing feedback, including from the contact form we posted earlier this week, we are making adjustments to the gameplay schedule but not to the pre-bracket format. All teams in the collegiate division will compete in 4 rounds of Swiss play during the weekend, and all teams in the community division will compete in 5 games of pool play during the weekend.

The fourth round of Swiss play – the last four game slots of the day – will be moved to Sunday morning. Starting at 8:00 AM, there will be four game slots of Swiss and bracket play, before the final round of community pool play. Teams competing in community pool D will have their final game (originally scheduled for 9:00 PM Saturday) will play in one of the first three rounds, paired with either flight A, flight B, or flight C. This is to avoid teams in pool D from playing back-to-back games. The adjusted officials schedule for Sunday morning, as well as the specific time assignment for teams in pool D on Sunday will be released later this evening. Where possible, we will try to accommodate athletes who play in a community team in pool D and coach a collegiate team, but that conflict may not be able to be avoided due to the adjusted schedule.

The community bracket will remain a 12 team bracket, with no adjustments to the structure. The collegiate bracket has been altered from a 44-team bracket to a 32-team bracket. All teams with a 4-0 record and all teams with a 3-1 record will move on to the bracket. Teams that have a 2-2 record may move on to the bracket, but with the reduced bracket size, not all 2-2 teams will move on to the bracket. Teams who complete Swiss play with a 2-2 record will be compared against the other teams in their flight with a 2-2 record based on the collegiate tiebreakers for this tournament, as listed here, to fill the remaining spots in the 32-team bracket.  

Cancellation of Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony has been cancelled. The closing ceremony will take place on Sunday at 7:15 PM.

Weather Monitoring

The revised start time for the event on Saturday is based on current weather forecasts, and as such we do not anticipate that inclement weather that will force further delays after the beginning of play at 1 PM. Play will begin at 1 PM even if it is still raining, as long as there are not thunderstorms within 10 miles of the complex.

In the event that a lightning strike is recorded within 10 miles of the facility, the facility will close until 30 minutes after the last recorded strike in that vicinity. In the event of facility closure, we will ask that attendees return to their cars to await the facility reopening. The suspended games procedure is listed in the team orientation packet, as well as included below.

Other Information

The player check-in and captains/coaches meeting schedule for Friday evening is staying the same. However, the meeting at the Austin Marriott North has been moved to the Hyatt Place, which shares a parking lot with the Austin Marriott North. Captains/coaches are welcome to check in at the Hyatt Place. All other players should go the inner lobby area of the Austin Marriott North.

Here is the full schedule for this evening:

  • 6:30-7:30 PM – Player Check-In and Captains/Coaches Meeting at Best Western (1851 Interstate 35, Round Rock, TX 78664)
    • The captains/coaches meeting is at 6:45 PM
  • 7:50-8:50 PM – Player Check-In and Captains/Coaches Meeting at Homewood Suites (2201 South Mays Street, Round Rock, TX 78664)
    • The captains/coaches meeting is at 8:00 PM
  • 9:00-10:00 PM – Player Check-In at Austin Marriott North (2600 La Frontera Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78681) and Captains/Coaches Meeting at Hyatt Place (420 Sundance Pkwy, Round Rock, TX 78681)
    • The captains/coaches meeting is at 9:15 PM

On Saturday, player check-in will begin at 11 AM at the middle entrance at the Round Rock Multipurpose Complex, weather permitting. It will be open at the middle entrance until 1:30 PM. After that time, player check-in will be available at the north entrance only.

An on-site captains/coaches meeting will be held at 12 PM at tournament HQ (site map here).

If there is lightning with 30 minutes of the start of player check-in, we will notify everyone through the methods detailed below. As a reminder, you can sign up to receive text message updates here.

Attendees are prohibited from being on the grass fields on Saturday.

Officials and Volunteers Schedule

Officials and volunteer assignments will not be changing, beyond the adjusted time. For example, if your team was scheduled to officiate at 9:00 AM on pitch 4, you will be officiating the same game, still on pitch 4, at 1:00 PM.

We will be adjusting the game times listed on the officials and volunteers schedule later this evening and will email officials and volunteers when it is updated.

VIP Lounge

The VIP Lounge will be open starting at 9:00 AM for those with a VIP pass, and we will be serving breakfast at that time, too.  

Youth Quidditch

Youth quidditch activities will start later than originally scheduled, and we will post here once that information is out.


Ticketing will open at the north and south entrances at 11:30 AM.


Saturday, April 13

9:00 AM VIP lounge opens
11:00 AM Player check-in begins (weather permitting)
11:30 AM Ticketing opens
12:00 PM Coaches meeting
1:00 PM Flight A & Pool A Round 1
1:45 PM Flight B & Pool B Round 1
2:30 PM Flight C & Pool C Round 1
3:15 PM Flight D & Pool D Round 1
4:15 PM Flight A & Pool A Round 2
5:00 PM Flight B & Pool B Round 2
5:45 PM Flight C & Pool C Round 2
6:30 PM Flight D & Pool D Round 2
7:30 PM Flight A & Pool A Round 3
8:15 PM Flight B & Pool B Round 3
9:00 PM Flight C & Pool C Round 3
9:45 PM Flight D & Pool D Round 3

Sunday, April 14

6:30 AM Gates open to teams
7:00 AM Ticketing opens
7:00 AM VIP Lounge opens
8:00 AM Flight A, Pool A, & part of Pool D
8:45 AM Flight B & Pool B
9:30 AM Flight C, Pool C, & part of Pool D
10:15 AM Flight D
11:15 AM Community: 5th pool play game (all pools)
12:15 PM Collegiate Bracket: Round of 32 (1)
1:00 PM Collegiate Bracket: Round of 32 (2)
2:00 PM Community Bracket: Play in (5-12)
3:00 PM Collegiate Bracket: Round of 16
3:45 PM Community Bracket: Quarterfinals
4:45 PM Collegiate Bracket: Quarterfinals
5:45 PM Community Bracket: Semifinals
6:30 PM Collegiate Bracket: Semifinals
7:15 PM Closing ceremony
7:45 PM Community Bracket: Finals
8:30 PM Collegiate Bracket: Finals
9:15 PM Medal ceremony

Suspended Game Procedure

The below text outlines the procedure for games that must be suspended mid-match, as detailed in USQ Rulebook 12.

Rulebook 12, 3.7 Suspended Games

3.7.1 Declaring a suspended game:

  1. The head referee or tournament director may declare a game suspended due to weather, safety concerns, extreme or inappropriate misconduct, or external interference.
  2. Suspended games must be recorded with the current game time, score, players in play, and possession of all game balls.
  3. Suspended games should be resumed as soon as possible after it has become safe to do so.

3.7.2 Resuming a suspended game:

  1. If any of the game’s original officials are unavailable, the tournament director or head referee shall replace them.
  2. All players in play at the suspension must line up behind their respective keeper zone lines.
    1. If, while play was suspended, a player who was in play became unavailable to play for any reason, another player on the roster may replace them.
  3. Game balls must be given to the appropriate players based on the possession information recorded at the time the game was suspended.
    1. Any balls which were not possessed when play was stopped shall be placed at one of the four ball positions on the midfield line, filling the inner positions first.
      1. If the quaffle was unpossessed, it must go on an inner position.
  4. If the suspension occurred after the seekers were released, the snitch runner should enter the player area before the game resumes and the seekers must line up behind their keeper zone lines.
    1. Any snitch handicaps that had been implemented prior to the suspension are still in effect when the game resumes.
  5. The head referee calls “Brooms Down!”
  6. All starting players should be stationary with their broom flat on the ground as in the regular start of game procedure (See: 3.2.1. Brooms up procedure).
  7. The head referee shouts “Ready!”
  8. The head referee shouts “Brooms Up!”
    1. On the first “B” sound of “Brooms Up!” all players may begin play.

3.7.2 Abandoned games

  1. If a suspended game cannot be resumed during the event at which it is being held, the tournament director must declare the game abandoned.
  2. If the speaking captains of both teams and the tournament director mutually decide to not restart a suspended game, then the tournament director may declare the game abandoned.
    1. If one or both teams refuses to resume play without the agreement of the opposing team and the tournament director, the team(s) shall be declared to have forfeited the game.


For questions, email events@usquidditch.org.

In response to the weather forecast this weekend in Round Rock, TX, here is information regarding USQ’s weather back-up plans.


There are currently thunderstorms in the forecast for part of Saturday. Sunday’s weather looks to be sunny in the high 70s. USQ staff has been making plans over the last several months to be prepared for a number of different inclement weather situations. We have adjustable plans for a multitude of scenarios, and are prepared to implement them as necessary throughout the weekend. We are confident that US Quidditch Cup 12 will still be a successful, fun event for all players, spectators, officials, and volunteers. At this time, we anticipate only making adjustments to the schedule on Saturday. The schedule for Sunday is expected to remain the same.

Tickets are still on sale here. Attendees arriving later than 6 PM can purchase a $10 late entry pass at the door both days. A limited number of VIP passes will be available at the door – $150 for the weekend or $75 for the day. Those who have already purchased a ticket will be able to upgrade their passes on-site for $110 for the weekend and $55 for the day.

Information on how to follow the action, including information about the USQ livestream, can be found here.


The current forecast from the National Weather Service is available here. As of the posting of this article, thunderstorms are in the forecast starting Friday evening at 7 pm. Light rain is expected. From 7am – 12 PM, thunderstorms are likely and the area may get up to .45” of rain. After 1 PM, there may be very light rain and there is also a chance of thunderstorms. The high that day is forecasted to be 79. There are currently no thunderstorms or rain in the forecast after 6 PM on Saturday, and Sunday is anticipated to be sunny with a high of 71.

Facility Preparation

In preparation for the forecast, we have changed our field layout so that there are 12 lined quidditch pitches on the synthetic turf fields. This includes 2 pitches on the turf championship field at the north end of the complex. There are 7 lined pitches on grass fields. Teams should be prepared to play all their games on Saturday on the turf. Games on Sunday will either be played either on a mix of natural grass and artificial turf fields, or on all artificial turf fields, depending on field conditions.

USQ has been working on all our weather plans in collaboration with the facility. We will be working with them to monitor the status of local storms all weekend. The facility will close if there is lightning within 10 miles and will not re-open until lightning has been outside of that 10 mile radius for at least 30 minutes. We are also jointly deciding if the grass is playable for Sunday.

We encourage all teams to be prepared for potential shifting weather conditions early on Saturday, as well as for play on artificial turf fields. If you need alternate supplies in light of this information, a 20% coupon from Academy Sports + Outdoors was emailed to all players earlier in the week. The coupon is good for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


On Friday, April 12 at 4 pm CT, we will be posting our final weather plans. The information will be added to the top of this article and emailed out to teams, coaches, and players; officials and volunteers; spectators; and our general US Quidditch and US Quidditch Cup email lists. We will also send a text message through Trumpia. To sign up for schedule updates and weather alerts, click here.

On Friday evening, we will be having coaches/captains meetings at a few hotels in Round Rock, and will be going over the weather plan then. Here is that schedule:

  • 6:30-7:30 PM – Player Check-In and Captains/Coaches Meeting at Best Western (1851 Interstate 35, Round Rock, TX 78664)
    • The captains/coaches meeting is at 6:45 PM
  • 7:50-8:50 PM – Player Check-In and Captains/Coaches Meeting at Homewood Suites (2201 South Mays Street, Round Rock, TX 78664)
    • The captains/coaches meeting is at 8:00 PM
  • 9:00 -10:00 PM – Player Check-In and Captains/Coaches Meeting at Austin Marriott North (2600 La Frontera Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78681)
    • The captains/coaches meeting is at 9:15 PM

The Friday night schedule may adjust plus or minus 30 minutes based on the number of teams going to each location.

Additional meetings may take place at the Austin Marriott North and/or the Round Rock Multipurpose Complex on Saturday morning, weather permitting.

Back-up Plan Options

Our two top priorities for this event are player safety and gameplay. We also have a goal of reaching new audiences and engaging them in the sport. With those in mind, we are considering a number of different schedule adjustments in the event that the weather conditions present a safety concern for the scheduled start time of 9 AM on Saturday.  

Our options for Saturday include:

  • Implementing a late start in the morning
    • This could affect all morning activities, including volunteer check-in, player check-in, the opening ceremonies, games, and overall access to the facility
  • Playing games later into the evening
  • Shortening 60 minute game slots to 45 minutes
  • If necessary, cancelling some games at the end of the day in a way that is as equitable to all competing teams as possible

The VIP lounge schedule along with the youth quidditch schedule may be adjusted as result of our weather plans. We will address these things in our update on Friday.

If there are any changes, we will communicate them in the following ways:

  • Prior to the event (through Friday evening)
    • Emails to teams, officials, volunteers, and spectators
    • Posts on the US Quidditch Cup 12 Facebook events (main event here and event for players, officials, and volunteers here)
    • Text messages through our mass text messaging provider, Trumpia. To sign up for these schedule updates and weather alerts, click here.
  • During the event (starting Saturday morning)
    • Text messages through our mass text messaging provider, Trumpia
    • Posts on the US Quidditch Cup 12 Facebook events and US Quidditch Cup Twitter account
    • PA announcements

Officials and Volunteer Availability

If you are volunteering or officiating during the event, please respond to our email if you wish to update your availability (the subject line is “US Quidditch Cup 12: update on weather plans for officials and volunteers). While all shifts on Saturday could be affected by any schedule changes, the 6:30 AM to 12:15 PM time slots may have the most impact. We will do whatever we can to accommodate your requests.. To see when you are currently scheduled, please view the volunteers and officials schedule here.

Feedback and Questions

Players, coaches, officials, volunteers, and spectators are invited to ask questions and give feedback regarding these weather plans. Please fill out this contact form. You can also email events@usquidditch.org.