For the past several months, USQ has been working on securing flight discounts and additional flight options for those traveling into Charleston for the national championship in April. This is our first year arranging these kinds of deals for attendees and we are aiming to do it for all future USQ national championships.

The first step of this project, securing discount codes of the 3 major airlines who fly into CRW (American, United, and Delta), has been completed. More information on the discount codes is available on the USQ Cup website and in our player travel guide.

The next step is to gather information from teams and other attendees on their travel plans for this event. The airlines will not put in additional flights until the ones currently available fill up. However, if they are starting to fill up and our group code is being used, then airlines will look at additional flights, additional routes, or larger planes.

We ask that teams and attendees fill out this survey. For teams, we want responses by February 14, but we will leave the survey open. By attendees, we mean non-playing officials, volunteers, and spectators.

USQ members who have questions about travel should email Spectators should email

Information about team registration and tickets will be available soon.