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At Large Bids and Open Division 

US Quidditch Cup 13 takes place April 18-19 in Charleston, West Virginia at the Shawnee Sports Complex. Registration for at large bids and the collegiate open division at this marquee event is now open. 

This season, eight collegiate teams will be awarded an at large bid for the main tournament division. 24 club teams will be participating in this event. The number of at large bids available for that division depends on how many auto-bids are awarded by March 1. 

Up to 16 collegiate teams are eligible to be chosen to play in the open division. Open division teams will be scheduled to play each other throughout the event. However, no winner will be crowned. This structure will allow teams of all levels the chance to take part in the premier event of the season and play teams from other regions.


The standings freeze for at large bid selection at 11:59pm ET on March 1. The Gameplay Team will then meet to determine top teams, and teams will be notified via email whether they have been awarded a bid to compete in the event. 

In order to be eligible for an at large bid, collegiate team leaders must fill out this application form. The application is due by February 28 at 11:59pm ET. 

All teams must complete the extended season play requirements by the March 1 deadline freeze to be eligible for an at large bid.

Please note that college teams must have attended a regional championship in order to be eligible for an at large bid. In the club division, at large bids are open to any team. Club teams do not need to apply for an at large bid; all teams will be considered by default.

Teams can track the status of their gameplay requirements here.


The open division does not have any season play requirements. Any member team is eligible to participate in the division, even if they did not attend a regional championship.

Teams that do not earn an at large bid will be offered a place in the open division. If your team is interested in participating in the open division, but does not want to be considered for an at large bid, please fill out this application form. Please note that this is only for teams that do not want an at large bid.

Teams who fill out the open division form will receive priority selection to play in the division over teams who attempt to earn an at large bid.

If more than 16 teams apply for an open division bid, priority selection will be given to those who have completed season play requirements or competed at a regional championship. Open division play will take place whether there are a full 16 teams or not. Teams can expect to play throughout the day Saturday and early Sunday. 


A grant is being offered for one team participating in the open division at USQ Cup 13. We encourage any team that is filling out an application for the open division to also fill out the grant application. More info and the grant application be found by clicking here. Grant applications are due by March 8. 

If you have any questions regarding at large bids or the open division, please contact

Team Registration

In an effort to streamline the registration process for teams and to account for this information being posted later than in previous seasons, most of the registration deadlines are much later than usual. 

These steps are required:

    1. Fill out the team registration form
    2. Submit an attendance request on the USQ calendar
    3. Fill out the hotel request form to request hotels and/or an exemption to the stay and play policy (only available for collegiate teams located within 100 miles of the facility or club teams who have a majority of players within that same distance). 
      • The hotel request form will be available soon. 
    4. Pay the $450 team registration fee*
    5. Reserve hotel rooms
    6. Fill out team officials crew form.
      • The form will be available soon. 
    7. Complete season play requirements (collegiate and club)
    8. Submit a roster

*In the past, there has been an extra processing fee if teams pay the fee online. That fee no longer applies. Teams can pay online through Quickbooks, either with a credit card or a bank account.

The following items are optional, but still have a deadline:

    1. Submit pre-event team travel survey (to gather information on what teams are thinking of doing for travel; more information is below)
    2. Fill out livestream questionnaire 
      • The questionnaire will be available in February.
    3. Submit names of additional team staff
      • This form will be available soon. 
    4. Submit on-site team travel survey (to confirm when your team is arriving once you have made your travel plans)
      • This form will be available soon. 
    5. Sign up to volunteer and/or officiate outside of team crew obligations
      • These forms will be available soon.
    6. Submit trading cards
      • This form will be available soon. 

Teams can track the status of these requirements in this spreadsheet in the “USQ Cup Reqs” tab.

Some deadlines are set by how your team qualifies. College teams who qualify at a regional championship have the first set of deadlines. College teams who qualify through at-large or compete in the open division, along with all club teams, have the second set of deadlines. 

Item Due Date: Fall/Spring Regional Teams Due Date: At Large, Open Division, and Club Autobid Required
Fill out pre-event team travel survey Fri, February 14 Fri, February 14 No
Fulfill club season play requirements or collegiate expanded season play requirements for at large applicants N/A Sun, March 1 Yes
Fill out team registration form Thu, February 27 Thu, March 12 Yes
Submit an attendance request Thu, February 27 Thu, March 12 Yes
Fill out hotel request form Thu, March 5 Thu, March 12 Yes
Pay registration fee Thu, March 12 Thu, March 19 Yes
Reserve hotel rooms Thu, March 12 Thu, March 19 Yes
Fill out team officials crew form Thu, March 19 Thu, March 19 Yes
Submit trading cards Thu, March 19 Thu, March 19 No
Sign up to officiate outside of team crew assignments Thu, March 26 Thu, March 26 No
Sign up to volunteer Thu, March 26 Thu, March 26 No
College play requirements Sun, April 5 N/A Yes
Livestream questionnaire Thu, April 9 Thu, April 9 No
Additional team staff Thu, April 9 Thu, April 9 No
On-site team travel survey Thu, April 9 Thu, April 9 No
Roster Fri, April 17 Fri, April 17 Yes

More information on the team registration process will be available on the USQ Cup website here. We will also email more information to teams as it comes out. 

Ticket and Merch Specials for USQ Members

This year at USQ Cup, we will be offering discounts on tickets and merchandise for members, and there will be extra special deals for those competing in the event. More information will be available in February. We are also planning to order more merchandise, especially with the event t-shirts and trading cards.

Team and Attendee Travel Survey

For the past several months, USQ has been working on securing flight discounts and additional flight options for those traveling into Charleston for the national championship in April. This is our first year arranging these kinds of deals for attendees and we are aiming to do it for all future USQ national championships.

The first step of this project, securing discount codes of the 3 major airlines who fly into CRW (American, United, and Delta), has been completed. More information on the discount codes is available on the USQ Cup website and in our player travel guide.

The next step is to gather information from teams and other attendees on their travel plans for this event. The airlines will not put in additional flights until the ones currently available fill up. However, if they are starting to fill up and our group code is being used, then airlines will look at additional flights, additional routes, or larger planes.

We ask that teams and attendees fill out this survey. For teams, we want responses by February 14, but we will leave the survey open. By attendees, we mean non-playing officials, volunteers, and spectators.


Tickets go on sale this Friday. More information about prices and different ticket options will be available then.


If you have questions about team registration or anything else mentioned in this article, here is who you can contact for more information: