The list of collegiate and club teams getting an at large bid to US Quidditch Cup 13 is now available, along with more details on the gameplay formats being used at this tournament.

Photo by: Shirley Lu


The format for the competitive collegiate division for US Quidditch Cup 13 will be a Swiss style tournament with 48 teams. The teams will be divided into six flights of eight with three rounds of Swiss play. The 24  teams with a winning record (3-0 and 2-1) will make the bracket with the top eight teams (six 3-0 teams and two 2-1 teams) getting a bye. The four teams with losing records in each flight will be paired with a team from a different flight with the same record for a consolation game. The Swiss rounds will take place on Saturday, and the bracket and consolation games will take place on Sunday. These games will be picked with preference for cross regional play and new opponents for these teams. Matchups between teams with the same records will all be randomly selected with the exception of the final round. The four 1-1 teams in each flight will not be paired against the team that followed their same win – loss or loss – win path in the flight.

This season, collegiate teams qualified for USQ Cup 13 through either one of seven regional championships or the at large bid process. 39 bids were allocated directly through regionals.   

The 40th regional bid remaining from the Northeast Regional Championship was a special at large contest between the two teams slated to play the final bid game at that event: RIT Dark Marks and Rutgers University Quidditch. Upon the rankings freeze, RIT was ranked higher and earned the 40th bid.

The remaining bids have been awarded to the top eight eligible collegiate teams upon confirmation of the USQ standings at 11:59 pm ET March 1, 2020. To be eligible for an at large bid, teams were required to complete additional season play requirements. The following collegiate teams have been offered an at large bid:

  1. WVU Summit
  2. Rutgers University Quidditch
  3. Texas A&M Quidditch
  4. University of Rochester Thestrals
  5. University of Vermont Quidditch Club
  6. Club Quidditch at NC State
  7. Gamecock Quidditch
  8. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Quidditch

If any team that has earned a bid already elects not to attend this event, their bid will be offered in order to the following teams:

  1. Columbia College Chicago Quidditch
  2. Marquette University Quidditch
  3. George Mason Club Quidditch
  4. Cleveland State University Vikings
  5. Southern Illinois University
  6. Salisbury University Quidditch Club
  7. Wichita State University
  8. Syracuse Snare Quidditch Club

Teams who applied for the open collegiate division will get an email from USQ staff later this week to confirm their attendance. As previously mentioned, teams who applied for an at large bid but did not receive one may be extended an invitation for the open division. Applications for the open division grant are still open through March 8.

The format for the open collegiate division for USQ Cup 13 will be announced once teams have confirmed attendance. 


The format for the competitive club division will be the same as last year’s tournament. There will be four pools of six teams each that will play in a round robin format. The number of teams from each region will be limited in order to distribute them evenly across pools. The top three teams from each pool will then advance to a single elimination bracket, with the top team from each pool receiving a first round bye in the bracket. Pool play will take place on Saturday, along with one round on Sunday. The 12 qualifying teams will begin bracket play on Sunday, with the top four teams receiving a bye in the first round. 

Club teams qualified for the event either by earning an auto-bid to the event this season or through at large bids. Four auto-bids were awarded; the remaining bids were distributed to the top 20 teams in the USQ standings at 11:59 pm ET on March 1, 2020.

In the club division, there are a total of 24 bids available. Four bids were earned throughout the season by:

  1. Diablos Quidditch Club
  2. Terminus Quidditch Atlanta
  3. Texas Cavalry
  4. Twin Cities Quidditch Club

The remaining 20 bids have been offered to:

  1. Texas Hill Country Heat
  2. District of Columbia Quidditch Club
  3. The Lost Boys Quidditch Club
  4. Bosnyan Bearsharks
  5. The Warriors
  6. Boom Train
  7. Revolution
  8. Philadelphia Freedom Quidditch Club
  9. Bay Area Breakers
  10. New York Quidditch Club
  11. Rain City Raptors
  12. Quidditch Club Dallas
  13. Chicago United Quidditch Club
  14. Arizona Scorpions
  15. Space Cowboys Quidditch
  16. Brew City Warriors
  17. Carnage Quidditch
  18. Lone Star Quidditch Club
  19. Silicon Valley Vipers
  20. The Long Beach Funky Quaffles

Should an at large bid be deferred in the club division, the following teams, in this order, are eligible:

  1. Houston Cosmos Quidditch Club
  2. Southern Storm
  3. Atlantic Dragons
  4. California Dobbys

Should there be any remaining at large bids in the club division, the following is the order of ineligible teams who would be offered one, after they have been offered to the teams above:

  1. Salt Lake Quidditch Club
  2. The Rogues
  3. Ohio Apollos
  4. Cascadia Quidditch
  5. Mile High Quidditch Club

About USQ Cup 13

US Quidditch Cup 13 will take place on April 18 and 19, 2020 in Charleston, West Virginia at the Shawnee Sports Complex. Tickets are on sale now through Eventbrite. More information is available on the event website.

Please contact with questions about the bid allocation process. Players should contact with general questions about the event.