Since our original announcement on March 13, we have continued to have discussions with the board of directors, staff, and our partners in Charleston, including the Shawnee Sports Complex and Kanawha County Commission, about the viability of reopening the season and having USQ Cup 13 at a later date. On March 29, USQ held another board meeting to discuss the situation at length with executive director Mary Kimball. Following that discussion, the board and staff ultimately decided to make the temporary season suspension permanent and refrain from hosting a national championship this season.

“Nationals means a lot to our community, and I’m heartbroken that USQ is not able to host it this season,” said Kimball. “From a public health perspective, it’s looking more and more likely that large gatherings will still be either banned or at least strongly discouraged in May and June. Given the nature of our sport and the current state of things, there’s no safe way for us to have this event. Moreover, there’s a lot of uncertainty right now as to when the coronavirus outbreak might get better in the US (and also the rest of the world). That’s leading to a lot of stress and changes in all of our lives. We don’t want our members to feel burdened by the possibility of this event maybe happening, maybe not, and as an organization, we felt like it’s best if we make the decision now.”

“To get through the next several months, we need the support of our community more than ever,” said Hank Dugie, board chair. “Ending the season has put the league in a difficult financial situation. USQ Cup brings in most of our revenue this time of year. The board and staff have been working on a plan to address the revenue shortfall, but we can’t make it happen without your help.”


All funds raised over the coming weeks will be used to continue services for members and the broader quidditch community in the US as we work to prepare for next season and provide support through this challenging time. 


If you are in a position to make a donation, please go here to donate online to USQ. If your workplace uses Benevity (a donations and volunteer match portal for corporations), you can also donate through there. 

Pre-Pay for 20-21 Season Memberships

We are opening registration for the 20-21 season now. Here are the prices.

  • Team membership: $250
    • The team registration fee is being increased to accomodate for the decrease in coach and referee membership costs. 
    • Registration for regional championships is also still included in team memberships. There are no additional membership fees for those events. 
  • Youth team membership: $0
  • Adult player membership: $70
    • Through June 30, individual player memberships can be purchased at this season’s price of $60 per person. 
  • Trial player membership: $10
    • Next season, trial memberships can be prorated into the cost of an adult player membership. Players who have purchased a trial can upgrade to full membership for $60.
  • Youth player membership: $0
  • Coach membership: $0
  • Non-playing team staff: $0
  • Playing referee membership: $0
  • Non-player referee membership: $20
  • Snitch runner membership: $0
  • Fan membership: $50
    • Includes two weekend passes to USQ Cup and a monthly email newsletter  with exclusive updates on USQ events, teams, and ways to get involved
  • USQ Cup 14 team registration fee: $450

How to Register

To register for next season, fill out this form with what you would like to purchase and staff will follow up with you directly with an invoice to either pay online or with a check. Registration will be available directly through the website later this month.


You can also sign up to be a USQ volunteer. There are two ways to get involved – you can join as an on call project volunteer or as a year round staff volunteer. More information is on the volunteer page of the USQ website. Volunteer commitments typically start at 2-3 hours a week. 

Virtual Programs

Lastly, we remain committed to you, and are planning some virtual programs to keep everyone engaged. We hope that through these programs we will be able to learn, share, and grow as a community, and emerge from these uncertain times stronger than ever. If you have suggestions for those, please fill out this form.


As previously mentioned last month, all team registration fees and tickets for the original April date for USQ Cup 13 are refundable. 

Teams who have already paid the registration fee have two options. They can either request a refund or apply the registration fee to membership or event registration costs in the 2020-21 season. Teams should fill out this form stating their preference. If your team has already requested a refund via the form, it will be processed over the next few weeks. 

Ticket holders can either request a refund, convert their ticket into a donation to USQ, or get a credit/gift card for future USQ events. Information about all those options will be emailed directly to ticket holders.