USQ is excited to announce multiple $150 stipends for full-time commentators at this year’s US Quidditch Cup. Commentators who commit to an entire day of commentating can receive a stipend of $150 per each day of the competition that they commentate. These commentators must be dedicated solely to this role during the event, and therefore cannot play, coach, officiate, etc.

USQ is committed to delivering consistent and high quality commentary on USQ Cup’s  livestreamed pitches, and having dedicated commentators throughout the day is the best way to achieve this goal. These commentators will also have access to guidance and training that is not typically available for a general volunteer, ensuring a higher quality output.  

If you are interested in the stipend please complete this form and we will follow up with you by Friday April 16! There are limited spots available, and we are unable to select all applicants, but we appreciate all interested parties.

If you are still interested in commentating or volunteering, but can not commit to the full day and are therefore not eligible for this stipend, please complete the general volunteer form.If you are interested in volunteering as part of the livestream team during nationals, or have suggestions for  sports journalism programs or A/V clubs who might be willing to partner with USQ, please reach out to