Press Registration

Interested in covering US Quidditch Cup for your website or publication? Press registration will be available soon. Approved applicants will be notified by Thursday, April 20, 2022 with complete instructions on how to pick up the press pass. A press pass grants an individual free admission to the tournament. It does not automatically give one access to all areas of the tournament. Access to the scorekeeper’s table as well as the player area on each pitch is granted on a case by case basis.

Please note that the use of tripods is prohibited along the scorekeeper table side of each field. Individuals with tripods must be on the opposite side of the field. Tripods are not allowed within the player area (formally called the hard boundary).

For questions, please contact

Terms and Conditions

The staff of US Quidditch Cup reserve the right to deny any applicant a badge. They also reserve the right to revoke an applicant’s badge if the applicant is in violation of any of our terms and conditions, including the site policies here. Please note that US Quidditch Cup is a family friendly event and we expect anyone with credentials to behave professionally.

All registered press come to the main entrance of the Regional Athletic Complex to pick up their pass, and must present a valid photo ID upon check-in.

Misrepresenting yourself and yourself coverage is grounds for not being invited back to US Quidditch Cup. Every member covering for your outlet must apply separately with their own name and email address and you will only receive a pass for myself.