Officiate at US Quidditch Cup 2022

Referees and snitch runners are an essential part of US Quidditch Cup.
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Officiating at US Quidditch Cup is an opportunity to take your skills for quidditch to a whole new area of expertise. Officials are eligible for free food and housing, as well as the opportunity to be paid per game (for certain roles).

Photo of volunteers by Isabella Gong

Photo by: Sofia de la Vega

Officials Policies

Per USQ policy, officials will be compensated as follows:

  • Certified Head Referee – $20 per game
  • Lead Assistant Referee – $10 per game
  • Certified Snitch Runner – $10 per game
  • All other positions are unpaid.

Teams will be assigned to provide referees and snitch runners during several game slots. If a team does not fulfill their obligations or their officials do not show up for their games as assigned, they will be subject to forfeit for all remaining games of the tournament.

Those who officiate 5 or more games in unpaid positions (either as an AR, scorekeeper, timekeeper, and/or goal judge) are eligible to receive a free t-shirt. Please note that games as part of a team’s officials crew requirements do not count towards this total.

The USQ Referee Team assigns Head Referees, Lead Assistant Referees, and referee crews to games. USQ Snitch Team assigns snitches to games. Preference will be given to non-playing officials for assignments at USQ-hosted events (including regionals and nationals). 


Officials Position Descriptions

Head Referee

The head referee is responsible for the safety of the players, spectators, and referees of the game, while also ensuring that the game is run fairly. The head referee must be able to keep control of their referee team, as well as the players on and off the field. They must be able to make quick and authoritative decisions in accordance with USQ Rulebook 15.

Head referees must be fully certified by US Quidditch at the head referee level.

Lead Assistant Referee

The lead assistant referee supervises the assistant referees. They (along with the other assistant referees) are responsible for off-quaffle play, including but not limited to: bludger and beater play, chaser and keeper interaction away from the quaffle, and other situations outside of the view of the head referee (damaged equipment, downed players, etc.).

Lead assistant referees must be fully certified by US Quidditch at the lead assistant referee level or higher.

Assistant Referee

The assistant referee’s main responsibility is to support and assist the head referee in officiating the game, with particular attention to the beater/bludger game.

Assistant referees must be fully certified by US Quidditch at the assistant referee level or higher.

Snitch Runner

The job of the snitch is to keep the snitch tail safe from the grasp of each team’s seeker. Snitching can be the most exciting position on a quidditch pitch, but it can also be the most difficult.

Snitch runners must be fully certified by US Quidditch as snitch runners.


Photo by Nikki Smith

Photo by: Michael Vong

Photo by Sana Sadiq

Photo by: Isabella Gong

Excited volunteer by Chris Rothery

Photo by: Isabella Gong