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Team USQ Region Division
Ann Arbor Army Ants Great Lakes Club
Anteaters Forever West Club
Arizona State University West Collegiate
Atlantic Dragons Northeast Club
Bay Area Breakers West Club
Blue Jay Quidditch Midwest Collegiate
Boom Train Midwest Club
Bosnyan Bearsharks Northeast Club
Boston Pandas Northeast Club
Boston Red Pandas Northeast Club
Boston University Quidditch Northeast Collegiate
Bowling Green State University Great Lakes Collegiate
Brandeis Quidditch Northeast Collegiate
Brown Bears Quidditch Northeast Collegiate
Cal Quidditch West Collegiate
Category 5 Quidditch Club South Club
Chicago United Quidditch Club Midwest Club
Creighton Quidditch Midwest Collegiate
Dark Snare Northeast Collegiate
District of Columbia Quidditch Club Mid-Atlantic Club
Emerson College Quidditch Northeast Collegiate
Florida State Quidditch South Collegiate
Gulf Coast Gumbeaux Southwest Club
Harvard Horntails Northeast Collegiate
Houston Cosmos Quidditch Club Southwest Club
Illini Ridgebacks Midwest Collegiate
Kansas Quidditch Midwest Collegiate
Marquette University Golden Avalanche Midwest Collegiate
Maryland Quidditch Mid-Atlantic Collegiate
Michigan Quidditch Team Great Lakes Collegiate
Michigan State Quidditch Great Lakes Collegiate
Middlebury College Quidditch Northeast Collegiate
Mile High Quidditch West Club
Mizzou Club Quidditch Midwest Collegiate
Ohio Apollos Great Lakes Club
Orlando Spider Knights South Club
Pegasus Quidditch Club Southwest Club
Penn State Quidditch Mid-Atlantic Collegiate
Philadelphia Freedom Quidditch Club Mid-Atlantic Club
Quidditch Club at Virginia Tech Mid-Atlantic Collegiate
Quidditch Club Dallas Southwest Club
Quidditch Club of Pittsburgh Mid-Atlantic Collegiate
RPI Quidditch Northeast Collegiate
Rutgers University Quidditch Northeast Collegiate
Salt Lake Quidditch Club West Club
Seattle Quidditch Club West Club
SHSU Quidditch Southwest Collegiate
Silicon Valley Vipers West Club
Skyline Quidditch Northeast Club
Terminus Quidditch Atlanta South Club
Texas Cavalry Southwest Club
Texas Hill Country Heat Southwest Club
Texas Quidditch Southwest Collegiate
The Lost Boys Quidditch Club West Club
The Rogues Northeast Club
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Quidditch Mid-Atlantic Collegiate
The Warriors Northeast Club
Tufts University Tufflepuffs Northeast Collegiate
Twin Cities Quidditch Club Midwest Club
University of California Los Angeles West Collegiate
University of Florida Club Quidditch South Collegiate
University of Northern Colorado West Collegiate
University of Rochester Thestrals Northeast Collegiate
University of Vermont Quidditch Club Northeast Collegiate
Utah Collegiate Quidditch West Collegiate
UTSA Club Quidditch Southwest Collegiate
Vegas Invaders West Club
Virginia Quidditch Club Mid-Atlantic Collegiate
WVU Summit Mid-Atlantic Collegiate